What You Want Wedding...

When you got married the first time around you chose a lot of things which wouldn't have been your first choice, or even your second, but you were expected to have a traditional wedding and while a wedding day is supposed to be about the bride and groom, it often becomes more about what their families want to day to look like.

Well a few years on you are thinking about renewing your vows. Your life is a bit more settled, your careers stable, you may even have a couple of kids and you want to reaffirm your commitment to your spouse, despite all of the changes in your lives, as well as include the newest members of your family in your wedding day too.

So now is your chance to have the wedding day you always wanted, with your second wedding you can make all the choices you wanted to the first time around but didn't want to let your family down in their dreams of your wedding day. Well you've had your traditional wedding and now it's time to have all of the things which were a little too ‘out there' the first time around.

To start with you can have the dress you have always wanted and not a big white meringue contraption. It doesn't have to be white, it doesn't have to be full length, hey it doesn't even have to be a dress!

Then there are the wedding cars. There are so many different limousines, luxury cars and wedding cars to choose from in the UK you may never make a decision. Instead of having the traditional white wedding limos you could choose a pink limo, or even pink Hummer to really turn heads. Or if you're after something really unique you can always arrive to your second wedding in a fire engine limo.

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