Booking Wedding Limos at Peak Times

Booking Wedding Limos at Peak Times..

In bustling London, the changing face of limo hire sees the peak times for proms and weddings overlapping and only the most fluid of limo hire companies are keeping up. The introduction of the American stretch limos in the UK is still relatively a new trend; even though they have been seen on the streets for several years now, there are still those who think white limousines are a new trend so the limo hire industry is understandably still infatuated with these SUV limos, and in turn so are their passengers.

As a result people want to get more out of their hire and so a prom limousine hire package has evolved from simply being a pick up and drop off affair to being a day long hire with the girls being chauffeured to their hairdresser's and to have their makeup done while the boys take a little extra time to settle into their limousine and work out ways to woo their young dates.

And prom season and popular wedding times also overlap, they always have as most couples and most prom committees will opt for fine weather for their big night. However, with prom limo hire running longer, limo hire companies are forced to reorganise their hire structure as they can no longer book the same limousines for two different events in the same day.

It is the successful and long running limo hire companies which not only understand these trends but also know how to get the most out of their hire for the limousines, the chauffeurs and of course the passengers. While this means that limousine fleets book out faster with the rise in popularity of every kind of limousine, it also means that those limo hire companies with the most extensive and fluid fleets are the ones who can help with last minute hire, or hire during peak times.

At Wedding Car Hire we are in touch with all of the latest market trends so if you think you've left it too late to organise a limousine for your son's prom or you're not confident the wedding limo hire company you are considering can handle the rush and juggle their bookings with ease, contact us now as it's never too late to arrive in style.