Dress for a Winter Wedding...

One of the biggest worries any bride has to deal with as her big wedding day approaches is the weather. You can plan for almost every other eventuality, but even if you choose to have your wedding in spring or summer, the elements don't always follow their seasonal normalities.

Therefore, why not plan to expect cold weather and a bit of rain, even snow, by planning a winter wedding? Planning your wedding during the cooler months means you can find a venue which is warm and dry, photo locations which suit wet or cool weather and it doesn't matter if it pours because you have planned for it.

However, you don't want your wedding dress to stand out from your winter wedding theme, but most wedding dresses are sleeveless and made of quite thin material, not suited to winter at all. But if you are thinking that you will have to forego looking like the most beautiful woman in the room, you don't because there are plenty of simple choices you can make to choose the perfect winter wedding dress.

Choose a dress with a chiffon illusion neckline which will allow you to show a little skin and still stay covered and warm at the same time. And what goes on under your wedding dress is your own business and you are free to wear thermal leggings or heavy tights for extra warmth and no one will be the wiser.

Of course long sleeves on your wedding gown will keep you warm, but be wary of long trains as they can easily get muddy and wet. Accessories are of course the star of any show and a winter wedding dress lends itself to a glamorous cape, or even a fur (or fake fur) stole.

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