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Plan a wedding between London and Birmingham to please everyone

Central Wedding Planning..

Planning a wedding can be tough and one of the hardest things to organise is where to have the wedding. Not only is it time consuming checking out all of the possible wedding venues and assessing their decorations, menus and sizes, you also have to find a wedding venue which is easily accessible by all of your guests and is just as easy for his family to get to as it is for yours.

For example, if you are from London and your fiancé is from Birmingham, you probably want a wedding in your old neighbourhood, but his family doesn’t see why they should travel all the way to London just for your wedding. So the obvious solution is to choose a wedding venue in between both London and Birmingham, so have a look around Milton Keynes.

East Anglia is a beautiful country wedding destination and in Milton Keynes there are a number of country houses and hotels to choose from. Being central also means that your wedding limousines can easily be sourced from either London or Birmingham as each city will be within an affordable distance of your Milton Keynes wedding. Also, since you are coming from London on the wedding day and your fiancé is coming from Birmingham, we can even find you wedding limos from both areas to save your wedding budget, and ensure your wedding chauffeurs know where they’re going.

A country wedding in Milton Keynes is also a romantic alternative to the bustling cities of London or Birmingham and you won’t have to worry about whether your limousines will have enough room to move around the tight city streets, or whether your guests will have to walk four blocks to their car park.

For more information about hiring wedding limousines for a central wedding in East Anglia, contact Wedding Car Hire now.