Wedding Advice for Groomswoman


Are you having trouble choosing enough of your girlfriends to stand up with you on your wedding day as your bridesmaids? Is your fiancée strapped to match up the number on his side of the bridal table to the number you have?

Well after reading this and taking a second look at your guest list, you may be able to solve all of your bridal party problems. Your bridesmaids don't all have to be women and your fiancée's groomsmen don't all have to be guys. That's right, your wedding can have a mix of bridesmaids and bridesmen, and groomsmen and groomswomen.

Maybe your best friend is a guy and while he may not suit the dress your other bridesmaids have already chosen, he can dress in a matching suit to the groomsmen, but stand by you. And how many brides have been faced with the issue of including their sister-in-law-to-be, their fiancée's sister, in their bridesmaid line up, when they're not really that close.

Well don't worry because you don't have to surrender one of your bridesmaid's positions to your in-laws because your fiancée can have his sister in the bridal party on his side - as a groomswoman.

Does this all still sound a little weird to you? Well it shouldn't because chances are you have a close friend of the opposite sex or you know someone who does, or you've seen Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy for all you ‘Grey's Anatomy' fans) as a bridesman and while your wedding probably won't mimic the Hollywood portrayal of this situation, you should still consider a non-traditional wedding party.

In all of your wedding planning and research you will have heard and seen hundreds of people say ‘it's your day, do exactly what you want and don't worry about anyone else'. While it is not always possible to not invite annoying relatives or dress the flower girl in the dress you want, the choices you make for your bridal party really are about you so go for it and enjoy your special day with the people who are closest to you, closest to you.