Special Wedding Limo...

A wedding can often start rolling in its organisation and its execution that by the time the big day arrives the bride and groom can feel like nothing so much as guests at a big party organised for their family and friends, when their wedding day is supposed to be special, and be all about them.

So your job as bridesmaid is to look after the bride and groom and make sure that they feel special on their special day, by adding some important personal touches. For example, make sure that they are choosing colours and styles which they like, not just colours that are traditional wedding colours. Also, remind them of the flowers the groom sent to the bride for her birthday the year he was overseas, to be used as centrepieces, or of how much they enjoyed the food in Italy, where he proposed, so they can have a Mediterranean flair in their menu.

There are also special touches you can take care of which the bride and groom can share alone. While they may not be able to afford a full tab on the bar but have a choices of wines instead, have their limousine bar stocked with their favourite drinks, those which are a bit expensive to serve to the whole guest list but are perfect for a private drink during their limo ride.

You can also provide the limousine hire company with the couple's favourite music, or songs to be played in their limo while they steal a few minutes alone on their big day. While a wedding day has to be suitable for all of the guests, it should also be special for the bride and groom too and by making a few special touches to the bridal limousine and making sure that the bride and groom remember that the day is about their love, not about the band mother-in-law wants, you're doing your bridesmaid-ly duty to ensure the day is success.

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