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If you are getting married in Bristol, you may have decided that since the international airport is just outside of the city, that is makes sense for you and your new spouse to jet off right away for your overseas honeymoon. However, a wedding is about much more than one big day, or a month's holiday afterwards, it is about the beginning of a marriage, and it should start out right.

Therefore, instead of going into debt on your wedding day with all of the costs associated with it, try to look for ways to cut back your spending. One of the best ways you can do this is by having your honeymoon at home. Honeymooning in Somerset after your wedding in Bristol will remove the costs of airline tickets, new luggage, passports, hire cars and all of the other incidental money guzzlers which are associated with travelling overseas.

After all, you want your honeymoon to be about you as a couple, not about how many famous statues you had your photo taken with or how many important monuments you climbed. Therefore, for the easiest and most affordable honeymoon ever, simply have your wedding limousine take you straight from your reception in Bristol to the Elm Tree Cottage B&B just outside of the city.

The Elm Tree is a haven of tranquillity nestled away from the city and the cottage itself is actually over 250 years old and was once part of a row of three houses for quarry workers. It has since been converted to one large house and through alterations and extensions is now a luxurious B&B. The cottage and the bedrooms are not only a comfortable and romantic getaway destination for your honeymoon, they are also serviced by exceptionally friendly staff, and delicious food.

Eight miles out of Bristol you will have the chance after your wedding to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your limousine ride before you arrive at your honeymoon cottage. Once there, your chauffeur will help you unload your bags and get them to your room, before leaving you alone, but being just a phone call away if you choose to explore a little further afield on your honeymoon.

For more information about hiring your wedding limousine to take you to your honeymoon in Bristol too, contact Wedding Car Hire now.