Wedding Car Price Secured...

When you are booking your wedding limousines you have probably been searching for a while to find the right ones, and now, several months before your wedding day, you have booked your wedding limo fleet, paid the deposit and signed the contract.

This is important as it ensures that you get the exact wedding limousines you want and that they are of a high quality, rather than the last minute dregs of a limo hire company's fleet. However, signing a wedding limo hire contract many months in advance, you will need to make sure your contract hire price is secured, or that you can accommodate any hire price rises into your wedding budget.

Hiring a convoy of wedding limousines you have probably organised for the typical wedding extras like a few bottles of champagne, streamers, red carpet, tulle ... to fit into the perfect image you have in your mind of your wedding day and your wedding cars. However, these are not all things that limo hire companies have on hand, often they will purchase these new just before the hire time of your wedding.

Therefore, you need to make sure that while the price of the champagne you ordered to have in your wedding limos was affordable when you booked and paid your deposit, will the price of your limo hire and wedding extras package go up if the price of the champagne goes up before your wedding day?

The same goes for the other extras, not to mention the actual price of the limo hire, so before you sign any wedding car hire contract, make sure that all of your extras are listed and priced, and that those prices will stay the same, regardless of the market.

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