Wedding Anniversary Limo Hire...

While you had a great time on your wedding day, being the centre of attention, having your photo taken and being congratulated left, right and centre, you still had the stress of the big day hanging over you. Will one of your nieces break a centrepiece and you won't get your room deposit back, will you spill something on your pure white dress, or will someone make an embarrassing speech that your wedding day will be remembered by.

Well one year on you have been through most of the regular marriage trials and you are still together, so it doesn't really matter who said what on your wedding day. But with the stress of your wedding day behind you and the rest of your married lives to enjoy in front of you, you want to make sure you do something special for your first wedding anniversary.

Therefore, why not head back to Cambridge where you had your wedding and reception a year ago and take in the beauty of the area, and maybe even stay in the same hotel you stayed in on your wedding night.

You can hire a limousine again for your wedding anniversary in Cambridge and you are now free of the pressure of being polite to guests and smiling for endless photos so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery through East Anglia. When you arrive at your wedding venue in your limousine you can take in the beauty of the venue and the hotel and you will have fresh memories to add to the stacks of wedding photos of the same place.

On your anniversary in Cambridge you also have the chance to enjoy all of the luxuries of the hotel you chose like the spa, the gym, or a tour of the grounds, and you don't have to worry about getting ready, meeting the hairdresser, or rushing off the next morning to make your honeymoon flight.

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