Wedding Car Hire in Glasgow...

Getting married in a big and bustling city is exciting, not only because you are spoilt for choice when it comes to venues and dressmakers, but also because there are always people out on the streets, guaranteeing that your wedding limousines will be noticed, coveted and evoke the necessary amount of jealousy from bystanders.

However, if you are planning your wedding in a large and busy city such as Glasgow, you have to be aware of the type of limousines you choose. While you want to be noticed, you also need to remember that in a city the size and style of Glasgow, there is likely to be a lot of stopping and starting for your wedding limos in their trip from your home to the ceremony, the ceremony to the reception and the reception to the airport.

Therefore, think about choosing more fuel economic wedding limousines for your big day. The same way that your wedding is not just about the one day, it is about the whole marriage, so too should you consider the impact of one big day, on the rest of the planet. Wedding limousines do a lot of idling anyway as they always need to be ready to leave, and there is also the time it takes the bride and her bridesmaids to negotiate their often oversized dresses through the doors of the limo, all the while the limousine engine is running to keep the climate control comfortable for the ride.

So when you plan your wedding in a busy city like Glasgow, you have the ordinary wedding limo consumption, plus the extra consumption from driving in peak hour-like traffic. However don't despair because you can assuage your conscience and still have a stunning wedding limousine convoy. Choosing slightly smaller limos can mean they use less fuel. For example, instead of putting all of the bridesmaids and all of the groomsmen in one limo - as this often adds up to at least eight to ten people - choose several smaller limos and transport just one or two bridesmaid and groomsmen couples in each limo.

This way you can still choose stylish wedding cars, but they are smaller and use less fuel, and many smaller luxury cars and limos also come in diesel, natural gas or even hybrid options - even better for the environment and your fuel consumption.

For more information about hiring the right wedding limos in Glasgow for a cost effective city wedding, contact Wedding Car Hire now.