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Your Weddings Point Person...

Point man, wing man, lookout - no you're not trying to pick up or make a move on a girl at the bar, you're trying to control your wedding guests. In the organisation of most weddings, there will come a point in the guest list where you are uming and ahing about whether to invite a certain person or several people because their behaviour at weddings and social functions is infamous.

However, usually these people are closely related, or they are the partner of a close relative and you can't just leave them off the guest list. So does this mean your wedding is doomed to be remembered for the loud drunken guests rather than the stunning floral arrangements and blushing bride?

No, because all you need to do is appoint someone, or several someones, whom you trust to keep an eye on these people. This person's role could be as simple as distracting the terror of a wedding guest when they begin the make a nuisance of themselves on the dance floor, or subtly rescue an older relative from a recitation from this rowdy wedding guest of an event not suitable for granny's fragile ears.

You can ask that the role of point person be taken a little further too, by making sure the alcohol consumption of a notoriously drunken wedding guest is curbed. This could be as simple as bringing them a soft drink instead of a wine, or subtly asking the waiter to substitute their champagne with non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

With reliable friends and family filling the roles of point people, the bride and groom are free to enjoy their wedding day and not worry about it being monopolised by the anti social behaviour of a few unfortunate friends or family members.

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