Stood Up By the Limo

When planning your wedding, you are worried about which guests will arrive, whether guests will come which didn't RSVP and whether those you didn't really want to invite will be there. You may worry whether your bride will arrive at the church and you may even wonder whether your groomsmen will arrive on time after the stag night, but the one thing you don't usually worry about is whether your wedding limousine will be there.

You book your wedding limo, you confirm the dates, you pay your deposit and you expect the limo to arrive on the big day, when you need it. However, for one couple booking their wedding limo in Dubuque this was the situation they were facing.

Luckily Sarah Foust and Scott Mueller found out that their wedding limousines wouldn't be there for them before their big day, when they tried to pay the remainder of their hire costs. After calling the limo hire company to finalise the payments, the couple found the number disconnected and after a little research learned that the limo hire company had gone under. Other passengers weren't so lucky, but Sarah and Scott have been able to arrange alternative transport for their wedding.

It's not all bad news though because with the collapse of this limo hire company, part of a larger transport group, local taxi companies and other limo hire companies have found that they are able to increase the size of their fleets to meet the extra demands on transport services in the area.

It is assumed that the limo hire company closed down after being unable to cope with the rising fuel costs and rather than put their prices up, or include a fuel surcharge, they simply stopped being able to cover their costs. This is another side effect of hiring the cheapest limousine hire company as these sorts of businesses cannot continue this way for very long, and are likely to leave you alone at the church.

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