Thank Your Bridesmaids...

On your wedding day and in the lead up to the big event you have a lot to organise and a long list of things to worry about that could go wrong and ruin the whole day. But that is why you have bridesmaids, so that they can worry and organise on your behalf and you are left free to smile for the photographer and put your energy into trying to remember the names of all of your new family members.

So one the big wedding day is over and you and your girls have pried yourselves out of your dresses and rubbed the feeling back into your feet, you should do something special for your bridesmaids who have helped you have a special wedding day. Therefore, you may hire them all a limousine each as a special thank you after your wedding day is over.

You can give each bridesmaid a voucher for their limo hire gift so that they can choose the limousine they want and they can book it for a time which suits them; around a show they wanted to see or simply as part of the plan for a special dinner date.

Also, if you book your gift limousines at the same time as you book your wedding limousines, you may even be able to negotiate a better price because of your bulk limo hire, and the fact that you are coming back after your wedding day for additional limo hire.

While limo hire gift vouchers are easy to organise, your special gift will speak volumes to your special friends who helped make your wedding day magical just for you. Limo hire is a great way to give a personalised gift, and one which you know everyone will enjoy and appreciate. A limousine gift voucher is more than just a ride in a limo, it is the opportunity to plan a special night out which you normally wouldn't bother organising, but now your bridesmaids have perfect excuse, thanks to your special gift.

For more information about giving your bridesmaids a special post-wedding limousine gift voucher, contact Wedding Car Hire now.