Bridesmaids Dresses and Limos...

You love all your bridesmaids very much, after all that is why you have chosen to have them be such a special part of your special day. Because these girls are so important to you, you want to make sure that they have a great time on your wedding day too.

So this means putting them in dresses which they will be happy with, rather than colours and designs which will fit perfectly with your wedding theme, but will be uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing to wear. One of your choices is to choose a colour for your bridesmaids' gown and let the girls choose a style which suits them. Or, if the same style dress will fit all of the girls, let them agree on that and they can choose the colour or shade they want their dress to be.

While you are colour coordinating and individualising your bridesmaids' dresses, don't forget their transport either. Since you are allowing your bridesmaids such individuality in their dresses, you can further coordinate them by their limos, to make sure they know how important they are to your day, and to also make sure everyone knows who they are and their special role.

Therefore, you may choose to hire each bridesmaid and their corresponding groomsman a limousine each for the wedding day. Since it will just be the two of them, you can hire a standard long wheelbase sedan limousine and the extra number of limos won't cost you a fortune.

Then you can let your bridesmaids choose the style and colour of the limousine they want. They can choose black, white, silver, pink, purple in a Bentley, a Lincoln, a Hummer or a Chrysler and such a unique convoy of wedding limousines is sure to turn heads.

For more information about hiring individualised wedding limousines for your bridal party, contact Wedding Car Hire now.