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Rolls Royce Phantom MidlandsSo you have decided to renew your vows and you want everything to be just right. Maybe you and your partner have come through a rough patch because of illness or stress, maybe your kids are old enough to understand and be a part of your special day, or maybe you just want the wedding day you have always dreamed of.

When planning your original wedding, there are a lot of people telling you what you should and shouldn't do and since these people have a vested interest - your parents who are probably paying for all or some of the day - you tend to make decisions based on their advice. However, the second time around, you feel the same love, you are marrying the same amazing person, but you can now do it your way, with all of the things you thought were too different, unconventional and untraditional.

Phantom Rolls Royce Hire Birmingham

So you may have chosen a huge and classically stylish wedding venue in the growing and vibrant city of Birmingham. Birmingham not only gives you the choice of some of the most exciting and classy wedding venues in England, you will also have the opportunity to have all of the other special trimmings you have been dreaming of.

For your big wedding in the big city of Birmingham, you can even have the wedding cars you always wanted but either couldn't afford the first time around, or were too worried about what people would think. For your wedding in Birmingham you can choose to arrive in a wedding procession of Black Hummer limos to contrast the white wedding colours and as a special treat for the groom.

Or you can couple the imposing black hummer wedding cars with pink limos, be it a pink Chrysler 300C, a matching pink Hummer or an equally impressive pink Lincoln Navigator. A wedding car procession through Birmingham, of colour, size and style is sure to turn a few heads, as well as make your second wedding a day to remember.

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