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Celebrating your wedding day in Derby was probably the happiest day of your life, followed closely by being able to celebrate your anniversary together, one year on. So for the perfect romantic wedding anniversary celebration, why not head back to Derby and enjoy another celebration, this time without having to worry about how you're going to eat at your wedding reception without getting your bright white dress dirty!

Returning to Derby to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you can even stay in the same hotel you spent your wedding night in, and take a leisurely tour of the city and remember where you had your photos taken, where the ceremony was held and enjoy the beauty and the romance of Derby and of your wedding anniversary.

To make your wedding anniversary celebrations even more special and romantic, why not hire the same wedding car you used a year ago in Derby to get around on your wedding day. You can relive the comfort, privacy and style of riding in a wedding limousine, without having to worry if you are on time, if your dress is going to be caught in the door or that your face is sore from smiling so much.

Hiring a wedding car for your wedding anniversary celebrations is an easy way to remember the fun and romance of your wedding day in Derby and make your holiday in Derby this year even more special. Hiring a limousine for your wedding anniversary celebrations in Derby means that you don't have to worry about driving all the way out there from your new home, your chauffeur will help you load and unload your bags, and if you want to enjoy a few anniversary activities further than walking distance away from your wedding hotel, your limousine will be ready to take you there.

For more information about hiring your wedding limousines a year later to celebrate your anniversary in Derby, contact Wedding Car Hire now.